Diverse Family Film Festival in Kumamoto

Diverse Family Film Festival in Kumamoto 



Organized by 

Diverse Family Film Fest. in Kumamoto Project Team



October 9, 2017 (Mon.) 10am-4:30pm (doors open at 9:30am)



Kengun Lutheran Church 

(2 Chome-1-3 Shinsei, Higashi Ward, Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture)

In front of “Kengun Koban Mae” tram station 




9:30am Doors Open for the Morning Session

10am Film “The Case Against 8”

12-12:30pm Legal Explanation of “The Case Against 8”


12:30-1:45pm Social Lunch Meeting (free of charge)

Members of LGBT groups in Kumamoto, as well as from other part of Kyushu, will introduce themselves and their activities.  

You can bring your own lunch or purchase a bento box from “Makanaiya Matsu” at the venue. Please purchase a lunch ticket (700 yen) in advance if you’d like to purchase for sure, because of a limited number of lunches available.  


1:45 Doors Open for the Afternoon Session

2-3:30pm Film “Gaby Baby”

3:30-4:30 Talk Session “Diverse Families ~ Changing Kumamoto to a city where we can love who we love ~

A man who has a same-sex partner and a woman who is raising children with a same-sex partner in Kumamoto will share their experiences and thoughts about their lives. 



Free for elementary school or younger

One film ticket 1200yen, Lunch ticket 800yen

Advance: Whole day ticket (2 films and lunch) 2500 yen, One film ticket 1000yen, Lunch ticket 700yen



There is no parking at the venue. Please use near.by coin parking.

If you use a wheelchair, or baby stroller, or need to use the parking at the venue for some other reasons, there are a limited number of parking space available. Please contact us to reserve a space in advance.



There is no day-care service available but there is a room for caretakers to use with their child. (The room will be shared with other caretakers.) You cannot see the films or the stage from the room, but can listen to its audio from speakers in the room. 


Both films are in English with Japanese subtitles. 


There is a note taking service available for those with hearing difficulties during the talk session “Diverse families”. Please contact us at least one week in advance for its arrangement.  Event staff will explain contents of the legal explanations for “The Case 

If you need any support including physical assistance or accompanying a child, please contact us as soon as possible. We’ll try our best to accommodate your needs. 




080-4285-5374 (Thomas. Japanese and English available after 5pm)


Gayby Baby

Documentary film on four children who have same-sex parents. It explores what is like to grow up with same-sex parents. The stage is Australia where same-sex marriage has not yet legalized. 


“The Case Against 8” 

The Case Against 8" is an American film documenting the 5 year legal battle to overturn California’s Proposition 8, which limited marriage to only between a man and a woman.